Raquel Villar


Young cantaora (flamenco singer) from Madrid influenced at an early age by her father, an amateur cantaor. She begins to perform in Flamenco Peñas in Madrid area and gradually nationwide.

Gaining more experience, she begins to perform in Recitals in Auditoriums as well as in contests… Winning a significant number or First Prizes.

Her artistic qualities draw the attention of famous flamencotologists who claim her to artistically illustrate their conferences. Other famous personalities ask her to join their cartel as lead singer in international performances.

Having a smooth and flexible voice, she easily adapts to any musical style, although her solid domain in flamenco tone and tempo and training, allows her to bring out from roots, the pure flamenco manner of expression.

As an experienced Cantaora, she keenly performs the different forms and styles of flamenco, from melodic to intense rhythmic.